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Square in Nueva Trinidad The rural village of Nueva Trinidad in the State of Chalatenango, El Salvador, Central America had been destroyed in the civil war and left vacant for eleven years while the people were in exile. A remnant of the original villagers returned to Nueva Trinidad on March 22, 1991 to resettle and rebuild.
With the guiding encouragement of the SHARE Foundation (Salvadoran Humanitarian Aid Research) and of members of Govans Presbyterian Church, Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian Church, Maryland Presbyterian Church and St. Andrews by the Bay Catholic Church, St. Mary's took on sisterhood with the Community of Nueva Trinidad.
On March 22, 1992, parishioner Mike Holy went to Nueva Trinidad to join in the first anniversary of resettlement. On May 31, 1992 Saint Mary's formally declared sisterhood with Nueva Trinidad, and in August of the same year Betty Nell Wagner brought greetings from St. Mary's to the people of Nueva Trinidad Celebration of Mass in Nueva Trinidad
Francisca Franco and Ernesto Abrego visit St. Mary's School In March of 1998 Francisca Franco and Ernesto Abrego visited our parish from Nueva Trinidad

We remember Nueva Trinidad each week at Mass at the Prayer of the Faithful. Our Christmas Tree of Compassion and the Lenten Mite boxes help to raise money for the struggling village in El Salvador.


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